The Irony of Doing God’s Will: Reflections on an old well from the Joseon era.

The old cistern stands forlorn, ringed by stones, darkened by the patina of centuries. During Joseon Dynasty it must have been so cold in winter. Seeing this old well from a hundred years ago leads me down many pathways of thought.

I love to fly airplanes and sailplanes, yet here in Korea I do not yet feel free to do so. Ah! To be free to soar in the sky without borders north, south, east or west, nor above nor below — is true freedom and happiness. The only bounds are the laws of gravity, the continuous exchange of kinetic and potential energy, the aerodynamic principles, and the twelve hours of daylight during which a motorless glider can take advantage of the serendipitous thermals, the mountain slopes, the vagrant winds, and farmers’ fields.

Freedom is the light of life and of the Holy Spirit.

Now Americans are foolishly giving up their freedom and selling out their country without realizing what they are going to lose.

When I think of this, I truly realize what Japan did in dominating Korea. To dominate another country, people, and their free agency is an enormous sin. While Japan is a truly happy nation, they must deeply recognize what they have done to the peoples of other countries, and not only one.

Now Korea is free, and the country and its people are prospering boundlessly! I am happy here. I feel basically free. I don’t feel this country is small, but large.

But the sky should be free! The sky is my realm. I love to hover between the mountains and the clouds. I long for that freedom. When Korea is truly and completely free, i.e. when North and South are both free and open and the fortified DMZ removed, or preserved as a Peace Park, then I shall be able to do that once more. And then, if not in this life, I shall soar freely in eternity.

The Unification Church in its historical course could rightfully be evaluated as evil because it has denied the freedom of its members and taken all their money away, thereby depriving them of all the wonderful things they could do with their families, and moreover the abundant contributions of all sorts that they might have made to society otherwise. In so many different ways… In this sense, if not our members, then our children themselves will, by and large, wholeheartedly agree.

Its justification, if any, is perhaps the justification of the Holy Saints, in that, living for God and Christ, they denied themselves. They did so for God’s will, and that is great — but it is not the model for human beings in our lives. We live to be happy, not for self-denial. In this sense, the “sects” are evil because they lead human beings away from their original human nature.

If anything, we might perhaps be justified in that we are serving as the stepping stones, laying down our own lives, freedoms, and free agency and means in order that mankind may be free and happy in God’s Kingdom in time to come. Yet it is “sin” nevertheless — in that this constitutes a grievous departure from the original way of a human being.

I hope that our own and all the other sects will be punished for our violations and transgressions against human nature. And I believe the people in our world will vigorously nod in agreement. “Punishment” in this sense means “to be made to realize one’s wrongdoing.”

There are plenty of resources upon Mother Earth for humans to be warm, decently fed, clothed, sheltered, and surrounded by warm, supportive communities. Yet, because of our sins, so many are suffering all kinds of deprivations. This is, of course, a historical fact, and the legacy of our own ancestors.

When I see the picture of that cold well, dating back to the Joseon era, thinking how cold it was during the Japanese Occupation (1905~1945), I think how great a sin it was to subjugate Korea, and, although Japan by itself is a wonderful country and culture, yet they did so by exploiting and brutalizing others. In this sense, one might perhaps justify the brutal conclusion of war, if it only purchased the liberation of Korea one day sooner!

In its historical course, the U.S.A. did the same to the Native American peoples (and others too!); even recently we were instrumental in the devastation of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. But if America departs from God, as Alexis de Tocqueville prophesied in 1805, if America ceases to be good — then she shall cease to be great. And now the time of America’s judgment has come upon us.

I feel so sad to see how cold Korean people were, when they might have been warm and happy, and their families could have been together, instead of being scattered, divided, and bereaved.

And I could have taken to the skies, my natural home, if it were not for the exigencies of our Unification Movement, which does very wrong for the sake of the better good — quite similar to the Communists, to be honest.

Therefore, in “doing God’s will”, those who do so must also bitterly repent, for they are actually committing wrongs, and have no business justifying themselves. We are like the priest in the vintage classic “Zorro”, who, taking up arms and slashing away at bandits and intruders, would say “Father, forgive me!” We tread upon many hearts and lives in our course, and shall be obliged to backtrack and amend our many offenses — not only those against the citizens we treated rudely, and families we broke by luring their loved ones away, and even to our own souls by overriding our crying conscience on so many occasions.

I am a Son of God, you are a Daughter of God — and we have transcended the chains of sin. Our hearts abound in the free realm of God’s love in the everlasting Kingdom — while yet the world is shrouded in darkness and injustice.

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Explaining the Holy Trinity in Unification Philosophy

The Trinity is a Holy concept, a Divine revelation to the early Saint, Church Fathers.

The Trinity does not exactly appear in the Bible as such, and some Christians dispute it (Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Unitarians, Worldwide Church of God, et al.); nevertheless it is a precious, divine, and true revelation to the saints.

Here we’re at the threshold where physics, philosophy, theology, Divine Principle and Unification Philosophy all intersect.

The traditional three elements of the Trinity are “The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost (Spirit).”

Divine Principle wonderfully explains the essential source and meaning of this Trinity.

The Original Trinity of God’s intention was “God, Adam and Eve” (in perfection and oneness).

Now the completed Trinity fulfilling God’s original purpose is “Heavenly Parent and True Parents.”

One problem is that we pay somewhat short shrift to the concept of Trinity in Principle, to where it is mainly an intellectual conception, like a diagram on the board, with circles and arrows, yet without faith, heart, or the sense of mystery and mysticism.

Love and mysticism are essential because they transcend logic and intellect. 

True science, philosophy, theology, and Divine Principle must touch your heart in a transforming, transcendental experience.

Traditional philosophy, likewise, is metaphysical, affirms God, and requires “the transcendental leap.”

So, in the essential, internal, core Trinity (which is God’s inner being), “Adam and Eve” are not the physical man and woman, but the conceptual and heartistic essence, or you could say the “gestalt of the Cosmos,” found in God the Source.

What may be hardest for people to understand is why the Trinity essence and structure is essential at the very core of God’s Being.

Partly this is the element called “mystery” and “mysticism” in Christian faith.

It can be explained logically, but logic is not sufficient to fully embrace, in other words, spiritually grasp, the Trinity.

This is where we Unificationists must transcend ourselves and what we have been in order to be fully accepted by Christians and as Christians.

This is also where Oriental culture, philosophy, and tradition has a limitation. They do not appreciate and in a sense do not even like the Christian faith and spirit. This also applies to our own Unificationists.

In other words, the Christian essence at the core of Western Christian faith, philosophy, theology, tradition, and heart is essential for the Kingdom of Heaven, Cheon Il Guk, and the Unified World.

Cheon Il Guk will still be not quite the actual, full-blooded Kingdom of Heaven of our hope and expectations until we internalize and embody the Trinity concept in its fullness.

True Mother is actually very Christian, deeply so, and is the fullness of the “Bride” expected in Revelations.

True Mother is the one who launched us on this quest to present God, the Heavenly Parent, centered on Shimjung, with the Holy Trinity at the core.

True Mother has approved Dr. Jin Sung-bae’s presentation of the idea and concept of Heavenly Parent and His/Her manifestation in the created world as presented in the diagram we sent you earlier.

Sincerely yours,

William Stoertz

Hyojeong Academic Foundation

In attendance to Dr. Jin Sung-bae and Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

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Mass is not the cause of gravity.

<p class="has-text-align-center" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><strong>"Mass itself is not the source of the gravitational (nor, in fact, the graviton-electric) field and interaction; what we call mass is merely the inductor and object of the gravitational field."</strong> — Valentin Chebanov, in his 2020 article, "Metaphysics, cosmology, physics, philosophy, and their natural foundations, as complementary reflections of reality." published by Hyojeong Academic Foundation for the Arts and Sciences, Seorak, Republic of Korea, translated by William Stoertz, 2020.“Mass itself is not the source of the gravitational (nor, in fact, the graviton-electric) field and interaction; what we call mass is merely the inductor and object of the gravitational field.” — Valentin Chebanov, in his 2020 article, “Metaphysics, cosmology, physics, philosophy, and their natural foundations, as complementary reflections of reality.” published by Hyojeong Academic Foundation for the Arts and Sciences, Seorak, Republic of Korea, translated by William Stoertz, 2020.

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Полина Лепешкина и Вильям Стоертс

3 декабря 2020 г.

Мама моя!

Мать и матушка…

Мать ……. Матушка

Мама ……. Мачеха



Милая моя…

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How the Godhead connects to the Physical Vacuum

It has been well determined in quantum mechanics that particles (electrons, quarks, photons, gluons, et al.) manifest physically in real space and time out of a nebulous, fuzzy background which has been variously called the “aether”, the “Dirac vacuum”, or the “physical vacuum” where the object has no physical identity except as a waveform, sometimes termed the “Schrodinger wave equation.”

It has never been clarified what stimulates the emission of a particle at any precise moment or location and with exactly what properties. The full parameters of a particle cannot be known with precision — this is governed by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Einstein proposed “hidden variables” that affect or control the particle’s exact time, location, velocity, spin, etc. This postulate was refuted by Bell’s theorem, yet the idea continues to resurface to this day.

It is hypothesized by this author that God, the source, designer, and creator of the universe, can and does intervene, within principled limits, in natural events within his/her realm of dominion via the mechanism of particle production and motion in this quantum realm.

Einstein’s relativity theory (special and general) is founded on the axiom of “no aether” and does not propose nor depend upon any “God” in the universe; however, Einstein personally believed in both God and an aether, as well as the hidden variables.

The recent discovery of the Higgs boson, as a massive interaction within space-time itself, would in fact suggest some type of aether or substrate out of which such a particle could emerge. While not explicitly making such a statement, it tends to beg the issue, raising it once more to our attention.

While empirical physics has not ventured to specify any mechanism for the phenomena of quantum mechanics, the questions about source and mechanism continue nevertheless to plague our ever curious minds. Theoretical physics has gone to breathtaking extremes in proposing well-developed and quite esoteric theories to explain the underlying structure of the universe, for example the string theory.

Taking an exploratory, rationalist approach, at the same time with a firm basis in experimental research, Gennady Shipov and his associates have elaborated the “Theory of Physical Vacuum”, positing seven major realms of reality:

  1. The Absolute Void, Absolute Nothing, or God — about which we can make no positive stipulations or statements. This is the ultimate source of all that is, and continues to interact with events and entities in the other realms.
  2. The Primary Torsion Vacuum — has geometric structure as flat pseudo-Euclidean space-time, torsion field particles at each point of space, holographic and instantaneous connection among all points, has no energy but has information content. This is also termed the “Spiritual World” or the “Realm of Platonic Ideals.”
  3. The Physical Vacuum — corresponding structure to the Second Realm of Reality, populated by torsion field particles with substantial energy. This can be termed the underlying quantum realm. It is the bridge to the physical, material realm.
  4. The Particle Realm — Subatomic particles manifest and interact, with the physical vacuum in subjective position. This is the first material level.
  5. Gaseous or plasma realm — Ions and molecules wander freely.
  6. Liquid realm — Defined spatial separation but molecules free to roam.
  7. Solid realm — Crystalline, metallic, or covalent bond structures.

Human beings, in his theory, are composite entities with a material base; at the same time we have a spiritual aspect that interfaces with and can dwell in the Second Realm or Spiritual World, and even communicate directly with the First Reality (God).

It is known that consciousness somehow interferes with or influences quantum phenomena (the “observer effect”). The problem arises as to how this takes place. Here the Theory of Physical Vacuum can offer a solution.

In TPV, the Spiritual Realm (realm of consciousness) impinges on the Physical Vacuum in a subject-object type of relationship. This takes place via an “information field” (a transluminal torsion field) connecting both vertically from God and spirits downward to physical phenomena, and horizontally within each of the realms. The information field is a kind of messenger, reporting, monitoring, coordinating, regulating, and bookkeeping system — very important, for example, in quantum phenomena.

The information field interacts with torsion field particles in the spiritual realm and the physical vacuum, causing a reorientation of their spin axes. When coordinated over a wide area, this effects a physical manifestation in the particle realm.

The above is of course a great over-simplification of the complex, detailed, and precise process and mechanism of the effect. Moreover, there are “realms of domain” or “egregors” in the spiritual realm which oversee the dominion, as there are all sorts of realms of sovereignty. Furthermore, “free will” is always a factor in dealing with all beings, including angels, animals, humans of course, and even quantum particles.

God operates in accordance with His/Her own principles, and does not violate the free will and subjectivity of independent entities or “truth bodies.” Here in this discussion we blend concepts of the Unification Thought of Dr. Lee Sang-hun and Dr. Jin Sung-bae, the Divine Principle of Moon Sun-myung, the more recent revelations of Han Hak-ja, ideas by this author William Stoertz, Theory of Physical Vacuum by Gennady Shipov, Physics of God by Yuri Lee, and some ideas of Eastern Orthodox Theology of Vladimir Lossky.

The final bridge concept and realization is recognizing in God (the “Absolute Nothing”) the fact that, as in mathematics “zero” and “infinity” are intimately associated with an indeterminate finite realm in between, this “Nothing” can also give rise to “Something”.

The “Absolute Something” of God is the dual character of “seong-sang” and “hyeong-sang” (Korean terms for the Greek “eidos” and “hyle” or in English “form” or “ideal” and “material substrate” or “prime energy”). We translate these terms into the Christian “Logos” and the Eastern Orthodox “Divine Energies”.

Thus God, based on His/Her motivation of heart, sublime will, reasoned plan, detailed providence, carries out his will through Logos (the internal aspect with informational and heartistic content) and his/her Divine Energies (the external, energetic aspect).

This conception can be acceptable both to Unification Thought, Christian theology, and quantum physics.

We seek the truth of how God, spirits, and human beings interact with the material world and with one another. This amalgam of philosophy, theology, theoretical physics, experimental physics, and esoteric spirituality is ongoing, and intends to offer an effective and influential solution to reconcile science and religion, east and west, and to conclusively address the hard problem of consciousness in science and psychology. We propose to present a concrete, practical solution to the long-standing quest for a unified field theory, and go beyond that to present a global, encyclopedic “Theory of Everything.”

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Sailplanes and quarks

Dear Robert,

   I opened my computer, and the Bing-supplied desktop background featured elk grazing in a yellowing autumn meadow with rows of dark gray Teton monoliths rising against lowering gray skies. The first thing that came to mind was, “I could be up in those mountains soaring among the peaks…”

Glider Pilot Gets Desperately Low in Teton Mountains A glider pilot attempts to ridge soar his sailplane down low on the western base of the Grand Teton Mountain and quickly gets shot down from strong winds and sink. Watch the struggle to stay safely aloft and not get boxed in and crash in one of the many canyons in the Teton Mountain range. This would be considered more extreme …
This short YouTube clip is by Bruno Vassal in a high-performance sailplane flying from Logan, Utah to the Grand Tetons and back with no fuel, using sheer wind power. The longer version is over five hours long, worth watching!

   We see the world “From both sides now”, as in Joni Mitchell’s song, “Bows and flows of angel hair…” In gliding, you are couched snugly between rugged mountains, trees, and snowfields below, and cumulus wispies dangling down above and around you. The peaks reach up, pushing you higher, and the clouds reach down, sucking you into the heights. You are suspended miraculously between heaven and earth, as it were.

   On the way to dump the rubbish (recycling is a must, as in Canada and Santa Barbara and on the Vineyard), my favourite chance to get out and rub shoulders with the neighbors, mostly Japanese and Koreans — I found a hefty rock. Stooping to scoop it up, it was much heavier than it appeared. It must have contained a lot of ferrous minerals. Heaving it high to my shoulder took a lot of oomph — it weighed at least twenty kilograms. Where did that rock come from? An asteroid plummeted into earth’s formative crust five billion years ago. Like Bennu. It’s been metamorphosed, mingled, but the original material is all there. Walking the 326 paces to my apartment, I thought, “What am I doing with this rock? I’m moving its atoms from point A to point B on a horizontal geodesic, which takes very little energy in itself. But what’s really moving?”

 Enter the quarks. What’s the difference between the sugar in my coffee and the gold in my wedding band? Just quarks. That’s all. In chemistry, we study physical properties and chemical properties. Sugar dissolves; gold melts. Those are physical characteristics. Chemical: sugar turns to caramel; gold…. NOTHING. (That’s why we like sugar and gold.) We say to our sweetheart, “Oh, sugar, dear… I wanna buy you a gold ring.”

   Where did they come from? The sugar came from mainline sequence stars — carbon, oxygen, hydrogen — no biggie. The gold? Now that’s cool: It came from colliding neutron stars! It’s lucky for the Pauli Exclusion Principle, which absolutely does not permit particles with the same quantum numbers to get closer together than about a few percent of an Angstrom. Then what happens if strong gravity pushes them together? KABOOM!!! Gold, platinum, uranium, and all sorts of other goodies are blasted out into the nebular dust cloud, to form new earths with their treasures. It was rightly said, “There are planets the size of earth made of pure diamond, and there are planets the size of earth made of pure gold.” Don’t diamonds come from peanut butter, or charred organics from previous supernova bursts? It doesn’t diminish their mystery or beauty for me…..

 Okay, so why’s that rock so durn heavy, that to lug it home leaves me out of breath? I’m moving quarks. Now this is the strange thing: Quarks don’t weigh anything. Yet they make up 99 percent of the weight of things — not the Higgs boson. [Oops ~ i first mistyped “bosom” ~ my favourite word in the English language!]

   I think it’s worth a detour on that tangent — after all, what’s life about but beauty, love, zest of life, children, family, and lineage? We want to leave posterity. Where does it all start? From a hauntingly beautiful bosom. That’s amazing: Of all the grandeur of the Tetons, the depth of the Grand Canyon, the infinity of the starry skies, the thrill of skiing… — the most beautiful thing in all the universe is a woman.

   Somehow, I think even aliens, who come to earth from umpteen light-years away to sightsee and to monitor our earth to make sure we don’t destroy this most beautiful planet in all the universe, like two things above all: Our music, and our women. In all the universe, even the angels in heaven agree about that. God decreed thus. His utmost, supreme, final Masterpiece.

   So, how can everything be made of quarks, which have zero mass, yet the objects constituted primarily from them have enormous mass? That is THE QUESTION in physics. (Now I wouldn’t pose the question if I didn’t have an answer in hand.) This is the $24 billion dollar question in physics, and it takes the Unified Field Theory to really answer it.

   Okay, hold your breath: The fundamental property of the universe is spin. Spin or rotation is the “mode of existence” of all existing entities and all imaginary entities on all scales from ultra-micro to cosmic.

   Next, the universe is law-abiding, which means the laws or principles are already there, and natural objects must obey these. It’s hard to explain why, but we know they do, and also we reasonably postulate that God, the Designer, fashioned it so for the purpose of making our universe optimally work. The OTHER, contradictory, supposition is that “it all came about by chance” — which is actually absurd. Material scientists are already backed into a corner now.

   Third: relationship among these fundamental, subliminal proto-particles is stipulated by fields. The other option is “strings” as in String Theory, of which there are hundreds of various brands. String theory doesn’t actually contradict Inertial Field Theory, but they look at physical reality from a different angle. However, string theory is mathematical hocus-pocus — more games with numbers and equations, whereas torsion field theory is intuitively accessible.

   The four force or interaction fields (strong & weak nuclear, electromagnetic, and gravitation) had been separated by a chasm between the micro and macro realms because (1) quantum physics is basically empirical; and (2) Einstein’s relativity embraces linear relativistic distortion and curvature of space, but overlooks twisting (torsion) of space-time. That’s the key.

   If you include the third geometric property of space-time distortion, namely twisting or torsion due to rotation, as in rapidly spinning black holes, galaxies, and quarks — you now have the complete, what we are calling “Universal Theory of Relativity.”

   To include spin, you need six more dimensions (Euler angles and their acceleration) on the quantum (Planck) scale. Plus four dimensions of classical space-time. That makes ten dimensions (six are “compactified”). Then the building blocks of space-time are these infinitesimal theoretical entities called “torsion field particles” or “phytons”. The size of these is about 10 to the minus 35 meters, much smaller than the standard subatomic particles. They are decently represented by a “Calabi-Yau manifold” which depicts ten dimensions pictorially, not too bad.

   Now, to model these numerically, we need a super-computer, because each point is described by 44 tensor-spinor field equations, as compared to Einstein’s ten tensor field equations. That was already a monumental mathematical task. This is much more so….   But, the miracle is that God endowed space-time with the capacity to perform such immense calculations naturally, instantaneously, ubiquitously, on a point-by-point basis, infinitesimally — and the universe never tires of “doing its thing.” We know this is happening because we can observe path integral calculations happening in nature for photons traveling through materials, quantum entanglement, tunneling, and all sorts of other mysterious phenomena.

   In other words, on a subliminal, “bookkeeping” level, the quantum vacuum is performing operations at least 10,000 times light speed! The rule is that, on the macro level, everything must add up to the standard physical constants, like the speed of light, the atomic valence, and all sorts of other physical, chemical, and subatomic properties that are scrupulously maintained by the physical vacuum itself.

   Absolutely wondrous. I’ll stop here, Robert. Any questions?

  Love, William.

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About technology and its fruits

A letter to my brother, an engineer for Rolls-Royce:

Dear Robert,

I’m writing to you most of all because you read meaningful classics on philosophy and history and because you work with machines.

   I’ll start with a little (true) story: A North Korean dashed across the DMZ for a better hope, and was shot five times by the North Korean guards as he fled. The South Korean soldiers rushed to grab him and pull him to safety. He was taken straightaway to the hospital to be operated on. In his intestines the doctors found a big parasitic worm — the biggest they had ever seen, even more than their textbooks had depicted.

   Just north of here is the worst life you can imagine. Farmers outside of Pyongyang have to recycle their feces for fertilizer, as a precious commodity. Some people even steal such manure from others.

   Americans send rice to North Korea, but it never gets to the people and not even to the army: The government resells the shipments for money to buy more weapons.

   Sorry to open with such a miserable scene… but it’s reality.

   South Korea is incomparably better off. I’m surrounded by Koreans, Japanese, some Americans, British, Austrians, Russians, Czech, Nepal, Sudan, Nigeria…. All these are intelligent, hard-working, honest people who go to our church here.

   America and Japan above all have a high standard of living. Yet it is fragile. We’re poised, teetering on the precipice of the abyss of the rest of the world. And now it’s all the more obvious. With the election coming, Japanese and Koreans are quite worried should Trump lose. I know; I watch Japanese NHK and listen to Korean Defense Radio. The Chinese badly want Biden to win; the Russians are anxious that Trump should win.

   Outside of polite society, people are shaking their heads, seeing the fires rage in the U.S. countryside and cities: “They’ve got theirs coming.” But actually I know that when President Trump said “America First” he doesn’t mean it in the selfish way it’s depicted. I believe you know that too.

   The wealth and technology we have is for a purpose. Everything we have, all the blessings, freedom, security, happiness — are for a purpose, that was established four hundred years ago at the Covenant. But if we don’t use it to benefit humankind, it will all fly away and America will be left destitute.

   Now I’m preparing for the Moscow Conference on New Paradigm Science next week. Together with the Russian scientists, we’re proclaiming the complete solution of the Unified Field Theory, along with all sorts of experimental research to show that it’s well founded. It has many diverse technical, medical, industrial implications. In a sense, if Apple, Microsoft, and Google rode the wave of semiconductor technology, this is the next big wave coming up.

   People have intelligence and ought to use it wisely. We need discernment, clarity,  foresight. We need to look deeply into the origin and foundation of things, and the future of where they are headed. We need to tell the character of people, and not by their outward looks, salary, or prestige.

   When I first met this movement I’m in, hearing their ideas, one of the first things I recognized was, “Oh my god, here is the solution to what Einstein was looking for!” The people around me were not intellectual. There were Mexicans, Germans, Austrians, Japanese — a group that looked like they had just turned away from fascists or gangsters and were ready to do whatever you want to stop communism, as long as you fed them. But I saw much deeper to what was the core and direction of it. And I haven’t been proven wrong in these forty-five years.

   Now enormous construction is going on seven days a week. You see lines of concrete mixer trucks lumbering up the steep mountainside. There are jackhammers, cranes, dynamite, whistles, horns. Huge big castles are rising on the slopes, and at night it is all lit up. This is the capital of a new nation being built all around me.

   My boss, Dr. Jin Sung-bae, is a true scholar. We worked side by side all day yesterday, from 7 am till 3 pm. He’s going to a film studio to have his speech recorded for the presentation in Moscow next week. He’s spending a lot of money for a 15-minute talk. I translated it from Korean to English and then English to Russian. He read the talk in English, and we’re imprinting Russian subtitles for the participants, who mostly speak Russian. This is very important to him and to all of us.

   You may understand that I’ve been searching for the solution to Einstein’s “Holy Grail” for most of my life, and actively doing so since 1995. Of course, I was astonished to find the thread linking to the physicists who worked out the mathematics through an Uzbek bricklayer!

   One of my mottos is “Never diss a squirrel.” Scientists know they can find the secrets to life in the humblest living thing. Every object around us has traces of the most awesome, high-level scientific principles and even design in it.

   People spurned this work of mine. Even our own church leaders, who ought to have known better, reprimanded me for “going on unnecessary and deviant paths” away from our mission.

   Yet I see that the most important mission of my life is to find and develop the Unified Field Theory, raise it up to a true Theory of Everything, and use it to benefit humankind.

   When I met an Austrian and a German fellow that day in June 1975 in Munich, they stopped me in the middle of a large crowd and asked point-blank: “What is your purpose of life?”

   I had an answer all ready, which surprised them: “To contribute to the well-being of mankind through science and technology.”

   I’m still on that bent.

   Love, William Stoertz

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How History Affects the Present Toward the Future

What is time? This is one of the big issues in science and philosophy. What is consciousness? This is called “the hard question in science.” We now have a useful and important answer.

Time is not actually a real dimension or quantity in physics, yet we all know it is all-important, and appears in most equations describing physical phenomena. Time is actually metaphysical; i.e. transcendental, vertical, or “seong-sang” to use a Korean term.

Other items in the “metaphysical” category are consciousness, the spiritual component of the human mind, the natural laws and physical constants, the internal guiding structure of external reality, and God.

Science deals with physical, materially measurable realities and does not, as a rule, deal with “God”, or for that matter, “consciousness” as such either. However, science is now running hard up against these and other fundamental issues in its research — including such challenging problems as dark matter and energy, the origins predating the “Big Bang”, the precise tuning of the physical constants, and consciousness itself.

The problem in science, in dealing only with physically measurable realities, is that the causal realm (i.e. cause, source, control, calibration, etc.) is not in the horizontal, material, physical dimension itself, but rather underlies material reality in the so-called internal, vertical, metaphysical, transcendental, unreal, or seong-sang realm or dimension. In other words, science is being pushed now to address these causal factors.

Human beings ask the questions “What?”, “How?”, and “Why?” It is fair to say that these are the topics of science, and science intends to answer them as fundamentally, completely, correctly and accurately as possible. Thus, it is within the “ball game” to inquire about ultimate origins, realities and causes. Science is now called upon to supply satisfactory and convincing answers to these questions.

In Einstein’s Theory of Relativity there are four physical dimensions, time and three spatial dimensions, within which material, physical objects, relations, and events ought to be able to be described. These dimensional axes always maintain perpendicular angles within any given frame of reference, and are basically equivalent in value or priority. Even time has no precedence (no pun intended); “relativity” means that, while their relationship is absolute, the angle of the reference coordinate system is relative in regard to another reference system in a different field of velocity and/or acceleration.

However, in establishing a correct Unified Field Theory, it has to be specified that “time” is, after all, different from the other three or more spatial dimensions. Time is, namely, metaphysical, which means not physical, although time is in a causal, subjective, or determinant relationship to events taking place within the spatial, physical dimensions.

In fact, “time” (the regular, cyclical or linear, measurable “passage of time” or “time interval”) is precisely, to a practically infinite number of decimal places, regulated and controlled from some universal source. Astronomers and physicists know full well and rely upon the incredibly accurate “clockwork” of time in all parts of the universe, microscopic to macroscopic, taking into account relativistic considerations whereby “the flow of time” is warped to a known degree by speed and gravity (warping or curvature of space due to concentrations of energy).

It is unthinkable that each particle of matter and point of space contains such an accurate “clock” within itself; rather, it is reasonable to suppose that there is a universal clocking or tuning reference, ensuring that all “clocks” throughout the universe, despite their mutually relative differences, maintain the same exact local rate of the flow of time. We believe in this, trust this, and rely upon it in doing hard science; and there has been no evidence to the contrary.

Such a system inherently implies a unified source or origin, and a universal, holistic connection among all parts of the universe for the maintenance of universal laws and principles, including the rate of passage of time, the speed of light, and the physical constants. In other words, the physical constants and the rate of time cannot be “self-contained”, but rather must have a “universal, holistic referent.”

We observe this sort of connection in the quantum realm, in the form of particle entanglement, tunneling, “path integral”, and a host of other quantum mechanical applications. The observed speed of such quantum connection is not infinite, however, but has been recently (by Chinese researchers in 2013, et al.) been measured as at least four orders of magnitude or 10,000 times greater than the speed of light. This has been alternately described as “time tunneling” to get around the impossibility of breaking the speed of light — but at any rate (no pun intended) it shows that there is holistic connectedness across space and time within the quantum realm.

This begs the question then: “What is, then, the quantum realm?” A subatomic particle manifests in various locations with various other attributes in the physical world, as detected and measured by instruments, in a seemingly random manner. However, it is manifesting out of another, underlying realm that is not directly accessible to physical instruments. In quantum physics, we might well call this the “causal realm.”

Dr. Gennady Shipov (b. 1938 in the U.S.S.R.) has worked in theoretical physics since the 1970s, and has gone a long way to solving Einstein’s problem of the “unified field theory.” His solution is described in his “Theory of Physical Vacuum” (published first in Russian in 1988, with new editions and translations as recently as 2020). I (the author of the present essay) have met and communicated with him personally on numerous occasions and translated some of his works).

Shipov calls himself “a student of Albert Einstein” (intellectually rather than personally, of course), and he calls his theory “a generalization of Einstein’s geometrized field equations.” His theory goes under several other names, including: “Theory of Physical Vacuum”, “a torsion field theory”, and “Universal Relativity.”

Theory of Physical Vacuum features seven levels of “reality”: 1. The Absolute Nothing; 2. The Primary Torsion Field; 3. The Physical Vacuum; 4. Subatomic Particles; 5. Gaseous; 6. Liquid; and 7. Solid.

Each of these realms has different properties, structure, and contents. 1. Absolute Nothing may be understood as God, Logos, the Platonic ideal realm, and the Divine Energies (borrowing an Eastern Orthodox term). This is the source realm, where planning, design, and management takes place. We cannot definitively say anything about it, except to know that such a realm must exist, beyond our knowledge or detection.

2. The Primary Torsion Field is a subliminal realm with spatial and temporal properties analogous to our physical world, but having an infinite speed of connectedness from point to point. It is the bridge realm connecting the Absolute Nothing, or God, to the physical realms. It includes what is called the “Spiritual World.” Torsion fields corresponding to individual entities persist or are preserved here eternally.

3. The Physical Vacuum is spatial, connected directly to the physical world on a point by point basis, has a rigid yet flexible structure, and is populated by Planck-size “torsion field particles” similar to the Calabi-Yau manifold. Space-time constitutes four dimensions here, with six additional compactified dimensions pertaining to the spin of the torsion field particles. This is the bridge realm connecting directly to the subatomic particles as physical entities. This is what is called the “quantum realm.” If you would look for Einstein’s “hidden variables”, this would be the place.

4-7. Subatomic particles make up atoms all the way up to galaxies and the whole universe. These levels of reality have been well studied, and are the subject of physics and the other material sciences.

The levels of reality are connected vertically and horizontally by a universal, ubiquitous, holistic, and supraluminal “information field”, enabling God the source and origin, designer and creator to monitor, supervise, communicate, direct and modify situations under His realm of dominion throughout the universe in real time. God is actively involved in our universe. At the same time, He observes His own principles in managing things, not intervening in the human realm of responsibility but granting and honoring our free will.

The point is that Dr. Shipov has developed a conceptual and mathematical structure as a support system to explain the origin and connection of the external material phenomena we study in science. It is capable of handling the hard problem of consciousness, identifying the “dark matter” and “dark energy”, proposing a source for the material universe as well as the physical constants and their maintenance, and unifying the four physical interactions.

The unifying field is called in Theory of Physical Vacuum the “inertial field.” Shipov presents the “generalized geometrized field equations” that cover all four force fields.

What he has added to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is to include subatomic particle spin along three Euler axes, requiring six dimensions for its description, amounting to a total of ten dimensions replacing Einstein’s four dimensions of space-time. Einstein’s ten tensor field equations describing the curvature of space-time are upped to 44 tensor-and-spinor field equations in a regular matrix, which describe not only linear space-time and curved space-time, but also twisting of space-time at a point-to-point basis.

The long and the short of it is: Albert Einstein’s quest for a Unified Field Theory has finally been solved and consummated by Gennady Shipov, a Russian physicist, with his Theory of Physical Vacuum.

Shipov adds to Einstein’s materially based physical theory the inclusion of God and the metaphysical world as necessary and integral components of a complete “Theory of Everything.”

The next step is connecting Shipov’s work to the West and the whole world. The present author and his family lived in Russia for 18 years (1992~2010) as missionaries of the Unification Church of Rev. Dr. Moon Sun-myung. I have actively sought the solution to Einstein’s quest for a unified field theory from age 12 (1967), started learning Russian at that age, and also began receiving serious revelatory messages, inspirations, and guidance from God. While in Moscow, working as a database manager, I prayed every night between 1995 and 1997, and received the details of the structural model for the Unified Field Theory. Then God told me to set it aside, for “I have something even more important for you to do; even if you throw away this theory, another person will find it.”

The “more important task” is the “Heaven-and-Earth Unification and East-West (Cosmic) Unification” which I began to pursue in earnest from June 14, 1999 with Polina Lepyoshkina, a Russian member from Kaliningrad (originally from Rechitsa, Belarus). She died on September 3, 1999 but continued to work with me spiritually. We predicted that Russia would go through an extended providential period of 21 years until 2020. That period is now finished and we have proclaimed the fulfillment of our mission.

In Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (2017) I was teaching our Divine Principle to Russian-speaking guests, and met Mr. Yuri Lee, an Uzbek construction worker, formerly a Gazprom regional manager, who told me about the “torsion field theory” of Anatoly Akimov and Gennady Shipov. I recognized that this theory was the same as what I had been revealed by God.

Right away three directions converged miraculously, as it were. My own research coincided with what Yuri Lee shared, and then I coincidentally met Dr. Jin Sung-Bae of the Hyojeong Academic Foundation (a student of Dr. Lee Sang-hun, founder of the Unification Thought Institute).

Dr. Jin Sung-Bae was following the direction of Dr. Han Hak-ja, wife of the late Rev. Moon Sun-myung to research torsion field theory. I had met a friend of mine, Roy and Nancy Hewitt, in a parking lot, and they had given me a scientific treatise on quantum mechanics and the philosophy of science to translate from Korean to English. When I finished the document, Dr. Jin was surprised that someone could understand the contents, and asked to meet me. This began our relationship; now we all work together under his guidance.

Dr. Jin gave me the book “Physics of God” by the Bulgarian theologian Bozhidar Paliushev to render from broken English into a smooth, readable text, which we published. The work mentioned Akimov and Shipov as the founders of this torsion field theory. In almost all respects, Dr. Paliushev’s book is right along the lines of Dr. Shipov’s theory, but without the mathematics, and with some different points of emphasis.

Most recently, the Conference on the 21st Century Scientific Paradigm–Theory of Physical Vacuum has been organized by Dr. Gennady Shipov to take place on November 7-8 in Moscow, to the great credit of the nation and people of Russia, and in particular to the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and Moscow State University, along with numerous other Russian and international institutions, corporations, government agencies, NGOs, and private citizens.

Dr. Jin Sung-Bae is the keynote speaker for the conference section “Philosophy of Science”, with his speech “Science and the Concept of Peace”, available in Russian, Korean, and English.

Here you see the process of uniting East and West. There are two levels of the East-West problem in history and in our present time. The Christian West is most fundamentally divided by the Great Schism of 1054, which had its roots in the controversy between Greece and Rome. As an American, I recognized that Russia and the East Bloc in general is the inheritor of ancient Greece and the Eastern Orthodox faith, while the U.S.A. and Western Europe are the legacy of ancient Rome. From childhood, I took interest in Russia, and longed to learn the language and eventually go there, which I finally did on my 37th birthday, August 1, 1991 — and ended up staying until June 4, 2008, while my wife and two daughters (both born in Moscow) stayed until August 25, 2010.

The second aspect of East-West Unification is that between the Judaeo-Christian West and the Orient (particularly China, Korea, and Japan). We may say “Orient and Occident.”

The challenge of both aspects of East-West Unification continue up right up to this moment, as we can readily see in the news. These serve as a fundamental axis of history and the development of civilization. They are problems which must be fundamentally addressed in order to realize a global civilization as One Family Under God.

Secular attempts at realizing world peace are doomed to failure unless they include God. Same as physics!

Dr. Moon Sun-myung, proclaimed as the Messiah, Savior, and Second Advent, and his wife Dr. Han Hak-ja, proclaimed as the Only Begotten Daughter, have spearheaded the world peace movement called “Universal Peace Federation” along with “Women’s Federation for World Peace.” These are the “wonderful counselor, prince of peace” of Isaiah 9:6.

So how do we realize world peace? America, Japan, Russia, and China as superpower nations are in positions to support the process, but cannot alone be the host of peace, for various reasons. The cornerstone of world peace and a unified world has to be a unified Korean peninsula — North and South Korea together in harmony as a model of peace and a lighthouse to the world, as Rabindranath Tagore prophesied in 1929.

The relationship of the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (South Korea and Chosun as they call themselves in the north) has been one of the most tense and difficult in the world since 1948. No diplomatic, economic, military, or cultural efforts have succeeded thus far.

Dr. Jin Sung-Bae is the author of the book “Shin Tongil Hanguk Ron“, or “Theory of the Unification of the Korean Peninsula Centered on Heaven.” You see that God is in the center position. His book lays out systematically, based on Unification Thought, the principles requisite for the unification of North and South as the foundation for world peace.

Now how does this relate to Dr. Shipov and physics? In fact, they are connected.

Dr. Shipov respects Dr. and Mrs. Moon as well as Dr. Jin Sung-Bae. He attended the Peace World Summit 2020 at KINTEX outside Seoul, and presented his theory at two sessions, one the International God and Science Conference led by Dr. Douglas Joo, and at the International Association of Academics for Peace under the leadership of Dr. Jin Sung-Bae. His Theory of Physical Vacuum was well received and his books were distributed to all the participants, some of whom have followed up with great interest.

We are publicizing Dr. Shipov’s “Theory of Physical Vacuum” as the completed Unified Field Theory in the overall context of the quest for world peace as One Family Under God. His theory is centered on God, the Heavenly Parent of all humanity, and is correct in detail as far as we can discern.

Moreover, Shipov’s theory as promising implications for solving environmental problems, particularly water purification and vacuum free energy. It goes further to propose methods of medical therapy, metallurgy, long-distance communication, and space travel.

Yet, closest to our heart is the goal of providential history, world peace in the universal family of humankind under one common Heavenly Parent — whose lynchpin and milestone will necessarily be the peaceful reconciliation and reunification of the Korean peninsula.

For this purpose, I propose, based on the Jardim Proclamations of Dr. and Mrs. Moon of 1998 and the Declaration of the Cosmic East-West Victory of True Parents on June 14, 1999, that the following points are key pillars to unifying North and South Korea:

  1. The Heaven-and-Earth Unification, meaning the union of the spiritual world and people on earth in true love.
  2. The first level of East-West Unification, that is, centering on America and Russia.
  3. The second level of East-West Unification, namely the Orient and the West.
  4. The unity of religion and science, through the Unified Field Theory and the Theory of Everything rooted in God the Heavenly Parent.
  5. The First-Wife Second-Wife Cooperation and Unification, a hidden providential secret.
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Celebrating the High Mass in Japan (via social distancing)

     As you know, my wife, being Japanese, is from a Buddhist and Shinto background, not Christian by any means — though perhaps it may be truly said that Japanese people live in the spirit and heart of Christian community in their common midst even more than most Christians of the West.

     We were watching NHK Japanese public TV, which patently shows shows mainly of a cultural nature — that being vastly predominantly Buddhist or Shinto in background. One very frequently sees broadcasts conveying such religious themes. Catholic? Rarely. Even seeing a church steeple or cross looks like a token decoration on the landscape, like a woman wearing a cross for show; it hardly seems to even belong.

     So so surprised was I to observe, on Sara Meshi program (food dishes) a presentation about fifteen minutes long about the daily life of a priest. So fixated I was that I had to sit down, since I also converted to the Catholic Faith in Christ, and have taken the Mass and the Communion many times (even before I was officially accepted into the Holy Sacraments). And I still believe. [Note: I received First Communion in 1971 at age 16 through the Jesuits of St. Aloysius Gonzaga in Washington, D.C.]

     I saw some differences at first that shook me a bit, and made waves of skepticism about the authenticity of this church and the ritual pass over me, before I settled into the different atmosphere, especially being it Japan, and could open my spiritual senses, the eyes of the Heart that witness of the Lord’s Presence.

     The priest was very young, like he was fresh out of high school. The cape and garment and shawl he wore were all crisp, fresh, light, like gossamer compared to the aged and seasoned robes thick with incense, gold, and all the accoutrements one associates with the High Mass. He seemed to lack the “ceremony” that I have always associated with the Eucharist. Everything seemed superficial at best, at first…

     Yet all was indeed pure and innocent. As I gazed on, my heart communing with the spirit of the Sacrament, the priest parted the wafer, placed it into his mouth, then chewed — which surprised me, as I was always told that was not to be done. He proceeded to impart the Body of Christ to the communicants, and again, they took the bread in their hands, in spite of their masks, which I have never seen thus done. We were told not to touch the wafer: the Priest would place it upon our tongues, and, with a holy mind, not chewing the wafer, as no bones of the Son of God were broken.

     Observing the faces of the congregants — that was when I started to be genuinely moved. They were old, mixed with their grandchildren perhaps, lined and seasoned, and in their faces, in the glint of their eyes, I first beheld the Spirit of Jesus and His surpassing Love. I got into the swing of the High Mass…

     Everything began to make sense. Fujiko-san watched, beside me, objectively, perhaps a wee bit critically (not mine to judge; only God knows the inner heart and soul)… But for me, this Mass was mine vicariously.

     I felt the innocence, goodness, and Divine Presence at the ritual observance, and was glad I had attended, if only virtually. Like the Roman centurion, I know full well that, if I have enough faith, my own wafer will be Blessed and I shall partake of the Body and Blood of Christ personally, present at his Utmost Communion at the Last Supper when He imparted the Holy Gifts.

     Transubstantiation of the Body and Blood of Christ? It is beyond theoretical for me. The Mystery is my own; I Believe. I have never stopped being a faithful Roman Catholic. God has just given me a special calling which I have been faithfully observing these last 49 years.

Finally the small, humble congregation departed, with smiles, with a truly Christian spirit, the young and the old, and I was touched, sensing the Holy Spirit in their faces.

     As the program concluded and moved on to other gleeful subjects, I withdrew to the bathroom, and began to shake with sobs and tears. I remember my Christian soul which is always with me, within. I have never stopped believing, just like sinners, as in James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. What an Odyssey!

     Is it God or nature? It is both! As in the wonderful Mystery of the Holy Trinity, God is in both, indeed all Three, undivided, unseparated, but One: Three-In-One. To be able to believe this is to be a True Christian.

     I’m not with the anti-Papists and other critical-minded skeptics, whose yapping tongues radiate venom, but it is not from the depths of the soul, as most people today are far removed from their faithful, childlike soul, as Jesus said, “Suffer these to come unto Me, for of such is the Kingdom of God.” Amen.

     May God rest you. May the Peace of the Lord that transcends understanding dwell with you and guide your ways. May you be One as I am One with My Father. Amen.

     Salvation is not far, but near at hand. The barrier is only the barricade within, which we pose to innocence, kindness and mercy. Amen.


     William Stoertz, IHN.

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Let us not waste resources

Let us not waste things:

Global citizens, let’s not waste material:

 – 1 round-trip flight between Korea, China or Japan and any western country consumes about 1.5 tons of kerosene fuel per person.

 – the amount of aluminum to provide masks for 100 million people (many times that many are being produced now!) uses 45,000 kg of aluminum just for the nose bridge strips. That is enough to build two Boeing 787 airliners.

* Please let us set a good public example by recycling material and by not wasting things.

Plus, it is national law in most countries now.

“The devil is in the details.”

The outcome of World War II was determined primarily by resources and industrial production.

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